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This mirror was primarily created for internal use. Over time we've run across
projects we find awesome and added those. If you somehow found this and want to
use it please help yourself. While we try our best to keep this server up at all times
it's a free service to the community so we make no warranty implied or otherwise.

Have a nice day.

The WebNX.com Staff

Arch Linux - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/archlinux/ - Updated every 4 hours
CentOS - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/centos/ - Updated every 6 hours
Cygwin - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/cygwin/ - Updated every 8 hours
Debian - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/debian/ - Updated every 4 hours
Debian CD - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/debian-cd/ - Updated every 4 hours
Debian Security - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/debian-security/ - Updated every 4 hours
EPEL - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/epel/ - Updated every 8 hours
Fedora - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/fedora/ - Updated every 4 hours
FreeBSD - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/freebsd/ - Updated every 6 hours
Ubuntu - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/ubuntu/ - Updated every 6 hours
Ubuntu Releases - http://mirrors-lax.WebNX.com/ubuntu-releases/ - Updated every 4 hours

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